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The Biggercoin project is to bring the possibility of transforming digital currencies in cash (US$) in immediate to be used in any kind of business or even make withdrawals in mone ro at any ATM in the world.

This will be possible to carry out thanks to planning that the developer team of Biggercoin has with its wide experience not only in cryptography but also with the expertise of already putting credit and debit cards in the market for several companies.

And how can I exchange my digital coins for money (US$) ?

Simple! You only have to change your currency altcoin for coins Biggercoins and carry your coins Biggercoins up to the Biggercoin trading platform which is Biggerpay there you exchange your coins for $ and immediately receive them on your credit and debit card which is issued by Biggerpay "a Biggercoin tool " to facilitate your day to day .

This project has everything to be successful , obviously had to be thinking and planned for many years, we at Biggercoin realized how complicated it is for you to turn your digital coins into cash (US$) after all when you need it, it takes a lot of time and lots of paperwork usually, so why complicate your life if we can untangle Biggercoin with your life!

The Biggercoin use in your encryption setting up its currency the Script model POW / POS because we understand that it is lightweight, safe is much faster than its predecessor SHA-256 used by Bitcoin.

We create the currency Biggercoin with a win-win-win business relationship for everyone!


A Biggercoin is a possible currency to mine it throughout its existence it is a coin who has an annual inflation of 4%, we like to miners and they are part impo r tant system of digital currencies, so we have to always think also in favor to all the miners and this was thought of.

At Biggercoin anyone with a computer can mining r Biggercoins for this you just have any amount of Biggercoins coins in your cart an...

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