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Q&A 9-15-17

Q: Jon, if you could, @CryptoCoderz I asked this last time when is the PoS update going to be pushed? as you mentioned it is finished. Thank you A: Ah yes. That's what's planned this week is incremental rollouts. The change will require a Soft fork as it changes core attributes of how the PoS thread is handled. Already have the fork in place. Just not toggled. Also the VRX retarget system is already patched but not activated as I was waiting to do the PoS and vrx updates simultaneously Q: Alright so a fork has to happen anyway? A: Just a regular mandatory update. It's the same as all the other updates that we're mandatory Q: So we as the community can come clean to the outside world to state this is going to be rolled out? A: Yes. I am back. I am talking with the core team again in a cleaned up slack room. And I am pushing these updates out. Then we can focus on real features. Plan is incremental updates all throughout this week. Q: Okay, good to hear. But what I think is that this update should go hand in hand with marketing as well. A: Marketing is great and all but at this point i must restore trust first. Q: And is there a chance when you can get back on Krakens offer? like the community is realy behind you. We all looking forward to help to get everything working out. Even financial wise. A: Well i'm not against more helping hands. Also though before I left for a while some of the so called helping hands were stabbing us all in the back Q: Kraken: did you read my email? If yes, are you willing to talk? A: I skimmed it bud. Not intentionally but I've got the dev team, the communityy and other things pulling my attention so I didn't give it a through read atm. But i'd like to talk, yes. Q: Maybe it's not very important ar the moment, but we saw some screens of the android wallet. Is there any development done for android wallet yet? Are there any estimations for this? Thanks. A: That is important. Front end is done. I will setup the rest with BBoBB, our log...
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