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7/26/17 Q&A With Cryptocoderz On The Official Espers Discord

7/26/17 Q & A on Espers Discord ------------- Q: It's still 25 mil for master node? A: That's the current number. There's been a lot of discussion about it but I don't think there's really been any one number to come forward yet as a preferred amount. Q: -You would send the whitepaper (not final to us) why do you not sent it? -What about the whitepaper? -Why there is this such a problem, cause the team grows much (heard on telegram) - Promised a lot to be on bitcointalk and not be there, why? -news about PoS? A: So the team is larger than it was but there are still other projects that required attention this week. Espers progress was made as well just nothing was pushed live. As for the whitepaper, I know everyone's been waiting and there's really not "excuse" to provide, however as an explanation I was tasked with writing the whitepaper, I've written a couple before for other things and truth be told, things have just been coming with either other projects or personally so work was slow. Hence you're really not seeing much. New PoS was running on a closed net for testing and seems to be doing well so we plan to push that relatively soon after a few more minor tweaks to it. Since this doesn't follow any of the reference calculations or methods. Just been busy as far as bitcointalk, really no other explanation, don't exactly enjoy saying that. But it's just the way it is at this particular moment, once the update is pushed there'll be announcements and such on bitcointalk, as there always have been. Q: When will we see something tangible for ESP? A: This year is is the year tasked with the major features. Had a lul this summer a bit but it doesn't affect the overall timetable. Q: What about sites on chain? This year? A: Late this year is the plan. Q: Before whitepaper or later? A: Whitepaper will come out well before the site on chain bit Q: And the PoS thing? When will this be fixed? A: PoS will be getting pushed this week. You...
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