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ErgoGames.io Weekly Update #2

Things have really picked up here at ErgoGames.io. Early development on Monster Pub Brawl has begun, there’s a possible new partnership in the works, and exciting news regarding CyberCitizens. Let’s get into the project developments over the past week.

Game Update

Lgmeister has begun on the early sound development of Monster Pub Brawl. A Game’s music is an extremely important tool to immerse the player into the world. Music has always been a large part of Lg’s life, and the final product should reflect his immense dedication to music over his lifetime. On the visual end of things, our artist Dillon is making headway on the Monster Designs. We hope to have a set of several finalized monster designs out to everyone within the next several weeks.

Digigoats season one ends in 12 days. We appreciate everyone for participating in the alpha thus far. Your input is invaluable, and it helps us create a better experience for the community. Everyday we get closer to a final release version. When the season concludes the alpha will be taken down. Another iteration of the game will be released after appropriate fixes, and gameplay additions have been implemented. If you’re new to the Screaming Ergoat Wine Club check out the freshly released Digigoats video tutorial.

Ergo Mummies

We’ve been in contact with the Ergo Mummies team. If you are not familiar with them check out their official discord server. Ergo Mummies is a verified NFT project on skyharbor.io, and have started development on a 2d RPG. We’ve had a chance to see some of their work so far, and we’re looking forward to possibly doing a collaboration in the near future.

Progress is coming along with our Cyber Citizen collaboration. We plan on having several giveaways in the coming weeks to celebrate our partnership. Along with giveaways we are chatting about staking rewards, and eventual $EGIO integrations w/ Cyber Citizens. $EGIO staking should begin by June, and we’ll have more details about rewards as they come about.

We hope everyone’s as excited as we are about the gaming potential on Ergo. Join our discord, and let us know what your favorite games are, and what you’d like to see built on Ergo.

- The ErgoGames.io Team

Questions for ErgoGames.io?

If you have any questions for the team or you’re looking to get your game featured on ErgoGames.io join our discord, and email us through the ErgoGames.io Contact Page.

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