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Yup.io has exploded to over 6k users in a few months

I don't know why people aren't talking about this project, it deserves mention, and it's looking like it has a real shot at getting mass adopted OUTSIDE the circle jerks of crypto. People INSIDE crypto seem to be ignoring this app! What's interesting is that a few kids from Columbia University started this app originally for students at Columbia. They offered it as a way to help students select professors. It has since evolved to become a "meta-social media" widget, and has not tried to replace the mature content curation ecosystems, but has instead began to work with them to help users find better information across the internet. I'm wondering if someone could explain why this is not being talked about more, given there are 73 thousand users on this thread? Btw this coin has a 50k dollar market cap but has NEARLY as many users as Steemit, and MORE users than Hive blog. (Projects like Steem have 60 million dollar market cap, Hive has 45 million dollar mkt cap): You can find the coin profile here: [https://bloks.io/tokens/YUPX-eos-yupyupxtoken](https://bloks.io/tokens/YUPX-eos-yupyupxtoken) It's also being traded here: [https://newdex.io/trade/yupyupxtoken-yupx-eos](https://newdex.io/trade/yupyupxtoken-yupx-eos)
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