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Will Article XV be removed from the constitution?

Will Article XV be removed from the constitution and will it be in the upcoming referendum? Thanks
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PixWeekly #2: This Week in PixEOS

Hello pixEOS community! We are happy to present another pixWeekly for you. There's a lot going on in the pixEOS ecosystem and here are the main highlights of last week: pixEOS Paint Game Stats You can...
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Update To pixEOS Staking Bonus System

Today the extra 20 million pixEOS tokens allocated to the staking bonus will end. Originally these tokens were distributed as an extra bonus to pixEOS paint stakers; our way of saying thank you to eve...
EOS +22.96% · trybe.one · 13h

Why I Join the EOS Community Part 16?

More than 6 months ago, my wife (Nova) and I (Edwin) arrived at the EOS Community and we had been with the Trybe Community as its Referral Member #45 https://trybe.one/why-i-joined-the-eos-community/ ...