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Why We Are Building on EOS & presale info

Hello r/eos! We are EOSBet Casino, and our first dice game development is coming along amazingly fast. Yesterday we tested our contracts and randomness oracle on the Jungle testnet, and the team was blown away with EOS's speed and power. Our bet's resolve in under two seconds! Here is an article describing *why* we built on EOS, for any other development teams wondering about taking the plunge into C++! Also, we have some information about our on-going pre-sale, so please come take a look! [https://medium.com/@eosbetcasino/eosbet-update-why-we-love-eos-pre-sale-509a4c8f4db1](https://medium.com/@eosbetcasino/eosbet-update-why-we-love-eos-pre-sale-509a4c8f4db1)
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EOS Update August 2018

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