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Why We Are Building on EOS & presale info

Hello r/eos! We are EOSBet Casino, and our first dice game development is coming along amazingly fast. Yesterday we tested our contracts and randomness oracle on the Jungle testnet, and the team was blown away with EOS's speed and power. Our bet's resolve in under two seconds! Here is an article describing *why* we built on EOS, for any other development teams wondering about taking the plunge into C++! Also, we have some information about our on-going pre-sale, so please come take a look! [https://medium.com/@eosbetcasino/eosbet-update-why-we-love-eos-pre-sale-509a4c8f4db1](https://medium.com/@eosbetcasino/eosbet-update-why-we-love-eos-pre-sale-509a4c8f4db1)
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Why Does My Account Run Out of CPU on EOS?

One of the differentiators that sets EOS apart from other blockchains is its resource staking mechanism. However, with the incredible user and dapp adoption that we’ve seen, resource staking has also ...
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The Synergy between EOS and the EOS IO ecosphere.

Seeing how I did a video on daughter chains and sister chains in the past, I figured it was now time to go into more detail about the beneficial synergetic relationship between the EOS mainchain netwo...
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A Strong Case NOT to Sell Your TRYBE Tokens

If you're reading this, then you are very likely a member of TRYBE, if you're not, then you need to hurry up and get on here ,you're missing out. As a member of Trybe you will have recently received t...
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Bitcoin Technical Analysis (1st Target Reached)

Hi guys. I think we are at very important price levels. So i decided to share my thoughts with you. I’m gonna show you the weekly chart, monthly, 4 hour timeframe chart and bitcoin shorts chart. At th...
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FunCity Updates : 14 Dec 2018

You all already heard Santa came early to Funcity in our last post as FunCity team plans on doing regular giveaway of CITY and EOS tokens in through various events and activities. We have got some…
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Life of a Small Time Investor #8

  Thank you for reading, I am Dukefish, an EOS advocate and this blog series “Life of a Small Time Investor” is intended to share my experience with the crypto world and help those learn from my mista...
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Scatter - It's all about the dapps

You’ve gotta hand it to the developers working on blockchain apps. It’s crazy how many new applications are created weekly. Here at Scatter we keep a repository of meta data for apps called…