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Who will lead EOS now?

It was pretty ironic that on the day Dan announced his resignation from [Block.One](https://Block.One), I got a notification from Reddit telling me that r/eos has crossed 74,000 members. As I was readying a post to celebrate this milestone, a much-anticipated victory, after months of quietly getting the subreddit back in shape with our dedicated mods. We even had a few Redditors just a day ago posting to let us know they just became EOS holders. It felt like it was going to be a good morning. But then the bombshell dropped. Like most people, I was skeptical of the news, a Discussions post by one of our long-time users linked to Dan's resignation statement on Hive. The Hive account hasn't been active for years, ever since Dan left Steemit and started work on EOS. But it was active for the last few days, and Dan was uncharacteristically active on Twitter during that same time. Then Dan reposted the Hive blog on Voice, cementing the news. It was an extremely uncoordinated announcement, and I would've thought that [Block.One](https://Block.One) and Dan would make a joint statement about something as important as this, rather than a simple blog post. For any other multi-billion dollar company done the same, this would be inconceivable. Dan was not only the CTO of [Block.One](https://Block.One), he was, in essence, the CTO of multiple blockchain projects, that uses the EOSIO codebase. And anyone who understates the magnitude of this news is being dishonest. At the same time, technology, measured in performance, was never the issue in EOS or in our sister-chains. Instead, it was the fact that user growth on EOS have always lagged behind the other blockchains that truly held it back. And we've seen some success through the works of Dapps and, recently, DeFi projects that brought in the users that EOS desperately needed. I hope this latest news makes it clear that we cannot rely on [Block.One](https://Block.One) to push EOS to the forefront. It really is up t...
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