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Who should I vote for? Why? Can I vote for more than one?

I scan this sub along with many others. I don’t own many EOS. Is it worth me even voting? Will my small holding make a difference?
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Sender Policy Framework (SPF) In A Nutshell

In this article, I shall explain how Sender Policy Framework (SPF) works, its benefit & and a real-life example. Idea: With SPF, we could check if the received  E-Mail is from the legitimate IP Addres...
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Santa is coming early to Funcity

December is the season of giveaways for FunCity. This holiday season FunCity would like to share even more with the community and our players via competition and giveaways. Excited yet?
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Why EOS – Scruge – Medium

Ethereum has been for a long time a default choice for blockchain applications to launch on and issue their tokens. However, Ethereum faces serious challenges in supporting widely-used applications…