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Which EOSIO version is used by the EOS mainnet?

When looking at the link [https://github.com/EOS-Mainnet/eos](https://github.com/EOS-Mainnet/eos) you see that there is no dev activity since years... >This branch is 66 commits ahead, 8994 commits behind EOSIO:master. Is it possible that the mainnet is not even using the current EOSIO version? And if this is really the active mainnet repo, why should anyone care about [EOScommunity.org](https://EOScommunity.org) and all those marketing shit going on here or on twitter. Because then all of this has nothing to do with the EOS token, right? Can anyone explain? Because if this link is really the codebase used for the active EOS mainnet, the EOS mainnet is simply a dead end of a very old EOSIO fork and therefore EOS token would be highly overvalued in my opinion. I would sell immediately if this turns out to be true. Why should someone invest in a dead project which is not even maintained anymore? If it is wrong and EOS mainnet is running on EOSIO 2.1 someone should update the links of this sub...
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