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Where can I find REAL metrics about EOS sidechain user account numbers?

I am having difficulty finding information related to the new user signups on Telos, WAX and the EOS mainnet. I would like to get a better idea about the trends in these three chains in particular. I saw someone posted here one graph, but did not list any source, and the info there seems to contradict info I have seen. Block explorers don't seem to have the info, or maybe I am on the wrong ones? [https://telos.eosx.io/?tab=latest](https://telos.eosx.io/?tab=latest)
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So of recent I have been seeing users complaining of not knowing their password to make transactions, unable to access their assets and others, this is a tutorial showing users steps to properly backup and recover their account if for any reason they forgot their password or deleted wallet

Hi guys so it’s Friday once again and let’s kickstart the day with a little tutorial on how to backup your private key and also reset your password using your private key via TokenPocket wallet…