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What would it take to unseat top BPs

Looking at two exchanges - Coinbase and Bitfinex Coinbase avg daily volume - 305,943 Bitfinex avg daily volume - 1,185,185 ​ It would take a capital influx of about $4 million dollars per day for 226 strait days to accumulate 337,422,278 EOS at current price levels. (when looking at these two exchanges only). ​ Looking at this a different way - Coinbase has 30 million users. If each user bought 11 EOS ($30.80) network power structure would be transferred to the hodlers if they decided to vote for different bps. ​ Or another view only using Coinbase volume - we would need 27,223 unique users to buy up 11 EOS every day for 1,102 days or just bout three years exactly. ​ Coinbase listed EOS June 1st 2019. I think we're probably about 20% into the accumulation phase - which also lines up with the average vote for non-top BP at around 60,000,000 votes.
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