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Article: [https://digitalchamber.org/block-one-evaluating-market-structure/](https://digitalchamber.org/block-one-evaluating-market-structure/) ​ "The world is moving towards an era of multi-asset digital marketplaces, which will require a rethink of market structure and regulation. Traditional marketplaces had different venues for different assets or items. We saw this both for financial assets, with stocks trading on stock exchanges and commodity futures trading on different, specialized exchanges, as well as when we walked around shopping in our local town or city with clothing stores, electronics stores, leather goods stores and individual stores for everything else. This paradigm changed a bit over time in the physical world with the advent of supermarkets that consolidated all types of foods plus other household goods in a single space. Then came shopping malls that brought together all kinds of specialty stores. The culmination was “superstores” that sold nearly everything. While this evolution took time to happen in the physical world, online retailers like Amazon, eBay and Etsy realized that they could stock and sell most anything on one website. These websites become the superstores and shopping malls of online shopping. The shopping experience was perhaps not quite as pleasant as wandering around being able to touch everything and take it home with you, but it made up for this limitation with convenience and a seemingly endless number of choices for everything. Meanwhile, when it comes to financial assets there is still a much more traditional arrangement. Stock exchanges and commodity exchanges still exist. They are linked together by the intermediaries who facilitate trading but you cannot go to one venue to trade a stock for a commodity future. The financial world is on the brink of the next evolution in trading venues. In the fully-realized digital age, the linkages that the internet creates along with digital asse...
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Here too, the first tool needed to interact with the EOS blockchain is a wallet, a wallet that will serve to manage our account, because we must remember that unlike other blockchains, such as the Eth...