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What Is EOS Coin Value? – Changelly’s Coin Review

EOS is a high-performance dApp platform created by Hong Kong-based startup, Block.one, in May 2017. In some points, EOS is similar to Ethereum but highlights itself with the lack of fees and high system scalability.

Moreover, some decode the EOS abbreviation as “Ethereum On Steroids”. The developer company, Block.one, is definitely a pioneer of blockchain systems. The company contributes a lot to the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

What does “EOS” stands for?

Some say that EOS stands for “Enterprise Operating System”, “Evolution Of Scalability”, etc. Anyway, there’s no official definition of EOS. Earlier, a short official answer to this question was posted on the EOS.io website:

“We believe that EOS means different things to different people. We have received numerous amazing interpretations of what EOS stands for or what it should stand for so we have decided not to formally define it ourselves.”

There is another brainchild of Block.one project ー EOS.IO. It is a software that allows customers to make dApps. The blockchain uses Delegated Proof-of-Stake protocol, which increases the transaction speed.

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EOS cryptocurrency is known for its sensational ICO. However, the EOS coins are notorious for scam accusations. What does exactly EOS mean and worth? Let’s find out with Changelly!

Dan Larimer

Dan Larimer, a developer of many well-known and popular cryptocurrency projects, first published the whitepaper of EOS blockchain protocol in 2017. The basis for the creation of EOS were his two other projects – Steemit and BitShares.

In 2018, Dan together with other colleagues published the next version of the protocol. Currently, Dan is the Chief Technical Director of the project.

EOS Blockchain & Coin Value

In order to use EOS decentralized applications, you need to create an account. Creating and installing EOS account is...

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