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We're on now with the Monday Night Eden Open Mic. 馃摲

Please join us and chat about anything Eden and EOS related. Or if you'd like to get to know some of your fellow community members 馃摲, or you're looking to join Eden on EOS and want to introduce yourself, this is your chance! 馃摲 Here's the link: 馃摲 [https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86588965595...](https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86588965595?pwd=dlRIRjRRb1BIQmZ5ZW95anhGbWVBdz09&fbclid=IwAR0HRdQQZAaVBr2n-hXphYTFWNw7gPlVdtqtYVidWMQ-NJF-z4Idn3EH594) Source: [https://t.me/EOSproject/1786869](https://t.me/EOSproject/1786869?fbclid=IwAR0pflecNdWGRHBsXsfVAGqs-pgFZ_Ah_6m59Ma_gQCwrp07tzbHM8X8ZJc)
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Learn about Eden and win 10 EOS!

馃専馃摙Retweet for a chance to win 10 $EOS ! 馃摙馃専True democracy is being built on #EOS. 馃憞Learn about Eden and an upcoming election on October the 9th.馃憞https://t.co/PJ1k3tw3Uf(RT by 11:59 AM PST Septemb...
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Bull market Ended for EOS? Nah I don't think so

If you think of panic selling #EOS you might need to hold your horses. I am so #BullishonEOS regardless of the general sentiment in the crypto market about EOS. Both FA and TA point to a high chance o...