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Was the Core Protocol Development in EOS Outsourced?

Was the Core Protocol Development in EOS Outsourced? What is EOS?

EOS is a blockchain protocol for building scalable decentralized applications.

Blockchains can only have two of these three properties: Decentralization, Scalability, Security

You’ll want all of your public blockchains to be secure, so you have to pick one of the other two options: Decentralization or Scalability. It is important for the market to test out both pathways.

EOS is an experimental blockchain with lower decentralization and higher scalability.

There have been countless blog posts, tweets, videos and talks about how EOS isn’t decentralized at all. I won’t be touching upon that subject since it’s been debated to death.

Here is some content if you’re not aware of the discussions:

EOS raised $4.19B worth of ether during an ICO that lasted for 1 year.

Block.one, the company behind EOS, sold 90% of the tokens and kept 10% of the tokens for themselves. Which they are still HODLing. That’s $4B hard cash raised and $400M tokens owned by the company.

EOS is the best funded project in the history. To give you an idea, SpaceX only needed to raise $1.9B to reach the moon. (pun intended)

Outsourcing Core Protocol Development

Wait, so, a consulting firm built most of EOS, one of the biggest blockchains in the world?


If you dive deep into EOS, you will realize something interesting in their Github.

A consulting firm named Object Computing Inc. built most of the core EOS protocol. [1]

For the first year of EOS development three out of the six core developers were from Object Computing, Inc. We can see this by going to their Github contributors page.

The accounts heifner, brianjohnson5972 and pmesnier are Object Computing employees. The account bytemaster is owned by EOS CTO Daniel Larimer. The other 2 accounts are developers who were contributors to Steem & Bitshares (Both were previous proj...

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