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Voice.com terms of use

From the official site: The Voice website is operated by Block.one and its affiliates (“Block.one“, “we”, “us” or “our”). Please read these terms of use (the “Terms of Use“) carefully. By using this website or pre-registering your interest in getting Voice beta access, you agree to be bound by them. REGISTERING YOUR INTEREST You can register your interest in getting Voice beta access by submitting the form on this website or by using the devices provided at our event on 1 June 2019. It is not possible to register your interest by any other means – including contacting us directly via phone, email or social media. By registering your interest, you acknowledge that you may receive email communications from us in relation to the following: Confirmation of your registration of interest in getting Voice beta access; Information relating to Voice; Updates on when Voice is expected to launch in your country; Invitations to access Voice beta or register for a Voice account; Reminders to access Voice beta or register for a Voice account; General marketing updates, only if you opt-in to receive them. You acknowledge that: Registering your interest does not guarantee that you will receive an invitation from us to access Voice beta or register for a Voice account at any time. Voice may not be available in your country, or may be available with restrictions or limitations. Geographic Restrictions on Voice token eligibility and participation may apply. Receiving an invitation does not guarantee that you will successfully complete the sign-up process for accessing Voice beta or getting a Voice account. For example, your identity verification may be unsuccessful. You are responsible for ensuring that all of the details you provide are accurate. The receipt and use of Voice tokens will be subject to strict limitations and forfeiture in accordance with the Voice platform terms and conditions in effect from time to time.  Voice tokens have only the rights, uses and attr...
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