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Upland - Property trading game review (50% deposit BONUS)

I wanted to share my experiences about joining and playing an EOS based property trading game called [Upland](https://r.upland.me/jRFL), as I have enjoyed it immensely since joining its community. It is very much like online monopoly, where you can buy and own property mapped to real life San Francisco and New York. You will be able to cash out your property for FIAT including your gains. I have met many players already that have been around for longer than me (the game has been going for around 2 years, currently in Beta) and that have invested tens of thousands of dollars already (you can see them on the map as Directors) but have found it easy and rewarding to get going. They have partnered with **Linden Labs (Second Life)** to use their Telia payment service. They have a full page ad campaign going with Brave browser All property you buy is unique, registered on the blockchain and can be sold and traded as a NFT. It is purchased using UPX, the games in-game currency which can easily be purchased quickly for FIAT or Crypto. I have found it fun and addictive so far. \- BUY, SELL, TRADE property mapped to Real Life San Francisco and New York \- EARN RENT every month on the property that you own \- DEVELOP your own property - coming soon, more info [here](https://medium.com/upland/a-roadmap-for-property-development-and-upland-run-businesses-1902789a3a12) \- RUN A BUSINESS from your own property - coming soon, more info [here](https://medium.com/upland/a-roadmap-for-property-development-and-upland-run-businesses-1902789a3a12) \- FAIR START ACT for new players - A brand new city with 75% of it earmarked for low price properties for new players So far, I have found it easy to get started using the 50% Deposit Bonus (referral link below) and have started turning a profit already. For reference, if you are smart about where you buy, you can easily profit by "flipping" properties for quick sales, or holding long term to earn monthly rent and wait for your prop...
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