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Updated EOS Token Lifecycle for Rent Distribution Proposal

[Updated EOS Token Lifecycle for Rent Distribution](https://i.redd.it/zi7hyxy4j2e11.png) Dan Larimer has [recently proposed](https://medium.com/@bytemaster/proposal-for-eos-resource-renting-rent-distribution-9afe8fb3883a) significant changes in the EOS token lifecycle, mainly to decouple EOS price and CPU/network usage costs, lowering entry friction for application developers, and to encourage long-term holders that fully vote their stake: [https://medium.com/@bytemaster/proposal-for-eos-resource-renting-rent-distribution-9afe8fb3883a](https://medium.com/@bytemaster/proposal-for-eos-resource-renting-rent-distribution-9afe8fb3883a) The following diagram highlights these significant changes: [http://sonatasys.com/eosio.shtml#lifecycle](http://sonatasys.com/eosio.shtml#lifecycle) Changes include: 1.  A new REX token and Resource Exchange where stakeholders can lease their EOS tokens for 30 days for an interest payment reward 2. For every EOS token leased in the Resource Exchange, a corresponding number of SEOS tokens are created (Staked EOS) for subsequent trading with an associated 0.5% transaction fee 3. Developers can rent SEOS tokens to satisfy the CPU and network bandwidth requirements of their application using far less capital while avoiding exposure to EOS price volatility 4. Fees associated with RAM trading, SEOS trading, and name auctions would be added as REX in the books of the Resource Exchange, bringing further rewards for long-term stakeholders 5. Stakeholders who wish to lease their tokens must set and maintain a voting proxy or approve at least 21 block producers 6. The removal of 4% inflation funding of worker proposals
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EOS extended to DSX Exchange

EOS extended to Dsx @eos_io #crypto #cryptocurrency $EOS pic.twitter.com/I73NQPDJY5— CoinsFlare (@coins_flare) February 20, 2019
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