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Fermat is now at Bitcointalk

marmai “AT ITS VERY CORE, FERMAT IS ALL ABOUT FREEDOM AND CHOICE. THE WHOLE DESIGN ORBITS AROUND THE CONCEPT OF USERS DETERMINING THE LEVEL OF PRIVACY THEY PREFER; WHETHER THEY CHOOSE TO HAVE INTERMEDIARIES OR NOT; WHICH CURRENCY THEY PREFER TO USE AND SO ON. FERMAT WAS DESIGNED TO EMPOWER AN ‘INTERNET OF PEOPLE’ IN CONTRAST TO A ‘WEB OF COMPANIES’ AND TO ADVANCE THE PERSON TO PERSON ERA AND ECONOMY.” Who is Fermat? We are a group of hardworking people driven by our vision and collaborating to change the path to another future. We are pioneers, developers, inventors, and dreamers, discovering new paths, trying to change the world.We are neither a corporation or company nor driven by any third party economical interests. We don’t believe in concentration of power because we think that in the wrong hands it could lead humanity to a catastrophic failure. We believe in freedom and the power of technology. We believe in people. We are happy to use our skills to recreate over the internet the same level of private person-to-person interactions that we have to protect outside of the internet. Fermat’s Vision We have been living inside an ongoing trend towards centralization of power and control. In present time a handful of entities (giant companies or conglomerates including some states) dictates with the control over politicians and military what a huge percentage of the world population can or cannot do. In this current scenario, it is not difficult to predict that fights between such interest groups are likely to happen and someday in the future, some entity may try to control it all (in a devastating big fail).Anticipating that future, we envision the world where people can freely interact electronically without unnecessary third party interferences. Both for social and commercial interactions. No spying, no censorship, no taking a cut on private transactions between individuals, n...
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