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UNICO digital collectible platform is moving from Ethereum to EOS!

I want to announce an exciting project that EOS Cafe Calgary (block producer candidate) has been working with behind the scenes to help move over from Ethereum to EOS, UNICO! UNICO will be creating a digital scarcity platform on EOS to allow anyone to create their own cryptocollectibles. In doing so, they are looking to create the first ERC 721 standard (think cryptokitties, decentraland) equivalent on EOS. More information is available in their post: https://blog.unico.global/unico-is-moving-to-eos-804bb630bda8
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EOS extended to DSX Exchange

EOS extended to Dsx @eos_io #crypto #cryptocurrency $EOS pic.twitter.com/I73NQPDJY5鈥 CoinsFlare (@coins_flare) February 20, 2019
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