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TRYBE Trading Contest & GOTRYBEGO Activity

Chaince will start the TRYBE Trading Contest to count and rank the users trading volume (buy & sell) of TRYBE in Chaince during the activities, and send the token rewards according to the ranking. There are two activities, details are as below:

Join in Trading Contest Win 50,000+ TRYBE

From UTC 0:00 Nov 21st,2018 to UTC 0:00 Nov 26th,2018, Chaince will count and rank the users trading volume (buy & sell) of TRYBE during the activities, totally 50,000+ TRYBE will be issued.

The rewards are as follows:

Top 1: 7,000 TRYBE

Top 2 – Top 5: 4,000 TRYBE each person

Top 6 – Top 10: 2,400 TRYBE each person

Top 11 – Top 20: 1,500 TRYBE each person


In the case of the same transaction volume, the user will be sorted in the order of the last transaction time of the period.


GOTRYBEGO activity

Activity time: UTC 0:00 Nov 21st,2018 to UTC 0:00 Nov 26th,2018

There are two ways to join in, you can choose one or two to take part in:

1. Show your Trybe blog page and win 100 TRYBE tokens (only for the top 100).

(1) Go to https://trybe.one/ and copy the blog page link of your own account like in the below pic;

(2) Fill the blog page link and your Chaince account email in this link:




2. Share your thoughts and win 500 TRYBE tokens (only for the top 20)

(1) Talk about how you feel about https://trybe.one/, what problems you meet when post articles, what’s your favorite function, any advice or suggestions for the Trybe team, just tweet on Twitter [email protected]_social  & @Chaince_Group ;

(2) Go to https://t.me/chaince_foreign_group , pm your tweeting screenshot + Chaince account email to @Moonchew666.


1. The awards will be distributed after all the statistical work is finished, by then you can transfer the TRYBE into...

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