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Tomorrow..will make 4 weeks.

In the world of crypto...things move fast. Time feels like it moves fast. Markets are open 24 hours. It's important to take a step back and relax. We tend to focus on all the negative issues. Within these last 4 weeks...we have seen two solid wallets, greymass and simploes. Two solid tools, eostoolkit and scatter. A new feature being worked out called "airgrab". Tons of explorers. All of the negative issues will be solved...and new ones will arise. The real game hasn't even begun yet...The actual dapps that EOS and non EOS holders will use. 4 weeks.....it's only been 4 weeks. Patience.
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Scatter - Blockchain UX, should just be UX.

Right now, blockchain users are expecting to see certain phrases and words in their “wallets”. Here’s some terms you might be familiar with: These terms are all very specific and hold pinpointed…
EOS · trybe.one · 6h

EOS Knights now on Android!

From their telegram channel: Android launch *  You can use Scatter Mobile / MEET.ONE Wallet / Built-in Wallet *  Existing beta installations will need to be erased and reinstalled. * Android launch co...
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EOSIO Version 1.3.0

Today we are pleased announce the next version of EOSIO, V1.3.0. You can view the detailed release notes here on Github, and find documentation on the EOSIO Developer Portal. We are continually…
EOS · github.com · 15h

EOS Wabbit Released (1.3)

An open source smart contract platform . Contribute to EOSIO/eos development by creating an account on GitHub.
EOS · trybe.one · 17h

Trybe doesn't have a backdoor

A few days ago, cryptoglobe.com published an article about Trybe accusing it of having a backdoor. This is simply not true. The article says: A decentralized app (DApp) on the EOS blockchain, Trybe, h...