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Tokens not registered correctly? Wtf EOS.

Hi All, A while ago (before then 1 July deadline i transferred al my EOS tokens to from my kraken account to my ETH wallet. I registered the tokens using MEW and the documentation that was available at the time on EOS.io I generated a public&private key (which i still have safely stored.) I even remember trying to verify my registration , using the MEW interface and i clearly remember it showing me some text in the "String" section after posting my Eth wallet address to EOS Contribution > Keys. This made me believe everything was OK. And so i never did anything else since now. When i go to EOSAuthority however its telling me "You had a total of xxx amount of EOS on launch" but "Your tokens were not registered correctly and fallback didn't apply to your account. Your balance has moved to the EOS Mainnet but will not be accessible until you take action. " Is there anything i can do now, or will i just have to wait it out and refresh that page once a week? I still have my pub/private keys.. This blockchain is confusing the hell outta me tho.
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