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Thoughts on EOS in June 2020

Where is Block One? Where is the marketing? For both Voice and EOS? Block One had this big event in June 2019 and then went AWOL. We haven't really heard anything of substance since ... I have a few questions for the community: Why is Voice not being launched on the EOS mainnet? Didn't Block One (namely Blumer) get upset over the accuracy of an article that stated Voice wouldn't launch on the mainnet (see here: [https://www.coindesk.com/block-one-will-not-launch-its-social-network-on-eos](https://www.coindesk.com/block-one-will-not-launch-its-social-network-on-eos)), only for Block One to then launch (on this upcoming July 4th) Voice on a chain that (surprise!) isn't the EOS mainnet? What about the EOS mainnet? Is this chain dead? I read that Voice won't be rewarding their users with EOS tokens, but rather Voice tokens! \*\*\* Block One: Do you understand how upset this makes someone who invested in EOS? \*\*\* I believed in you, invested in you ... and you do your investors like this? This is crazy! Block One accepted 4 billion dollars in investment (mostly from Larimer fanboys), created a block chain (half-heartedly if I may add!) and then, instead of giving EOS the fanfare and investment in innovation it deserved, elected to create Voice, a new thing that none of the original token holders can benefit from! It's truly an incredible story and perhaps one of the best examples of a crypto-SCAM that there is!
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