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The Ultimate EOS FUD Guide!

These are some things you may have heard about EOS! This thread is here to provide you with a guide and road map of all of the eos FUD we have heard over the past few weeks. Use it at your discretion, and give us feedback so that we can improve it and update it with the latest round of FUD. 1. Dan Larimer leaves every project he starts This is a very misleading statement. Dan has had a very troublesome time getting his tech to go main stream in the past, and even when he had some successes along the way, it seems that he made bad partnerships that forced him to leave. Ned from Steem was an example of this. There are some videos on the internet explaining the fallout from this relationship. Dan seemed to be concerned that Ned was using company funds in a bad way, and did not want anything to do with it. That seems to be one of a few reasons why he left. The other reason he left steem was to build [eos.io](https://eos.io) so that he could have a better foundation to build out his dapps in the future. So fears of Dan leaving EOS are unfounded, because he just spent an entire year building out a tool that he can use to build dapps. It seems highly unlikely that he would go on to leave to another project, that was not leveraging [EOS.io](https://EOS.io) software. EOS is his baby, and the worst thing he would do is fork the code and start a new community that supports his philosophy. Even then, i highly suspect that if he did this he would not give [block.one](https://block.one) their 10 percent on a new chain but still airdrop to the rest of the [eos.io](https://eos.io) distribution. 2. EOS was hacked through some phishing scheme This is false. Zen Desk is the email service provider for [block.one](https://block.one), and their security was breached. Zen Desk is an entirely different company, and they provide services for many companies besides [block.one](https://block.one). This is no more an inditement on [block.one](https://block.one) than it would be for all th...
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