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The Patreon Purge - An In Depth Look at the PatrEOS Project - Part 2

An in depth look at the Patreos project. After the banning of Sargon of Akkad the purge of Patreon has begun. Can crypto find a solution and what role does EOS & the Patreos project have to play in this?Telegram channels:My telegram group: https://t.me/Crypto_TimeosList of all other EOSio Telegram channels:https://medium.com/eos-new-york/teleg...Crypto Tim proudly sponsored by Airdrops DAC and the ZKS TokenVisit Airdropsdac.com for a full airdrop solution airdropsdac.com/And the ZKS token for all of your CPU resource needs zks.one/EOS coin news, eos crypto news.Scatter, great EOS blockchain interface:https://get-scatter.com/Support the show and make some money at the same time:EOS playstation EOS & Telos: http://eosplaystation.com/?ref=gqztko...EOS Bluff PvP: https://eosbluff.io/?referral=bitcoin...BingoBet: http://bingobet.one/?ref=bitcoinhomerEOS Poker: https://tcp.eospoker.win/?ref=bitcoin...EOS Royale: https://roulette.eosroyale.com/?ref=b...Bet Dice: https://betdice.one/?ref=bitcoinhomerEOS Play Dice (block header dice): https://eosplay.com/link/bitcoinhomerEOS Books https://eosbooks.io/books?refer=bitco...EOSBetDice: https://dice.eosbet.io/?ref=bitcoinhomerPokerWar: https://big.game/redblack?code=bitcoi...Dice game: Continue on youtu.be

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Assets Auction in figures

After a month of 24/7 bidding for the valuable Prospectors assets, the fight came to an end. During the auction, players bought 35 Speculator’s Sets, 18 Building Sets, 90 Beginner’s Sets, and 90…
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Trade Recommendation: EOS

Our April 13, 2019 trade recommendation for EOS (EOS/USD) hit its initial target price. On May 16th, the market pushed as high as $6.8818.
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Block.one Dazzles Speculators With 6500% Growth

A recent report by CNN has unveiled that the early adopters of Block.one, such as the prolific Peter Thiel, will be reaping staggering profits from their investments.
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EOS begins share buyback program

Yesterday Block.one, which built the EOS platform, revealed a buyback of ten percent of its shares from early investors.