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The Patreon Purge - An In Depth Look at the PatrEOS Project - Part 2

An in depth look at the Patreos project. After the banning of Sargon of Akkad the purge of Patreon has begun. Can crypto find a solution and what role does EOS & the Patreos project have to play in this?Telegram channels:My telegram group: https://t.me/Crypto_TimeosList of all other EOSio Telegram channels:https://medium.com/eos-new-york/teleg...Crypto Tim proudly sponsored by Airdrops DAC and the ZKS TokenVisit Airdropsdac.com for a full airdrop solution airdropsdac.com/And the ZKS token for all of your CPU resource needs zks.one/EOS coin news, eos crypto news.Scatter, great EOS blockchain interface:https://get-scatter.com/Support the show and make some money at the same time:EOS playstation EOS & Telos: http://eosplaystation.com/?ref=gqztko...EOS Bluff PvP: https://eosbluff.io/?referral=bitcoin...BingoBet: http://bingobet.one/?ref=bitcoinhomerEOS Poker: https://tcp.eospoker.win/?ref=bitcoin...EOS Royale: https://roulette.eosroyale.com/?ref=b...Bet Dice: https://betdice.one/?ref=bitcoinhomerEOS Play Dice (block header dice): https://eosplay.com/link/bitcoinhomerEOS Books https://eosbooks.io/books?refer=bitco...EOSBetDice: https://dice.eosbet.io/?ref=bitcoinhomerPokerWar: https://big.game/redblack?code=bitcoi...Dice game: Continue on youtu.be

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pvp texas holdem sit & go tournaments on eos!!!!

It’s widespread jubilation and celebration among pokerking community members and lover’s of poker in general as the much awaited Sng tournament as just been launched. Sit and Go (Sng) is a poker game…