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The Ideal DAPP

Listening to an EOS podcast the discussion was around the ideal DApp system. One of the DApps mentions were the ones that are causing a lot of noise on the EOS ecosystem. Some of the most popular Dapps list these killer ones to check out.

BitJoy – A dapp focused on gaming, not just betting and such but actual video game creation that can help you earn. EOSfinex – Similar play on Bitfinex they want to be a decentralized exchange, but with advanced features such as stable coins. Emanate – Dapps focusing on music, seems to be more than just the social network aspect it promise to promote tools for get groups going. Pixel Master – Collaborative artwork on the blockchain.

One thing that promised EOS was that the popularity depends on the use of the blockchain, once this becomes irrelevant is when most of the non-geeks will be genuinely attracted to the functionality of the Dapp. At this point most of the tools get a surrounding audience based on the potential of the blockchain by many blockchain users.

The EOS Dapp Ecosystem


The ecosystem is growing and new dapps are capitalizing on this great community with a let a thousand flowers blossom.  I am looking forward to this next generation of dapps and a killer one that takes over. BetDice might be one that is already doing this with a 20M daily volume, let see if it can hold it and if a newcomer can pass this one in the future.

I will recommend this podcast so you can follow the conversation and maybe comment on what will be a new 5 best Dapps or maybe new commer that could take the current crown. Which else do you think that should come into play and if we just need to wait for new graphical games with great storylines or clones like Fortnite that could become the new sheriff in town.


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