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🌶 The EOS Hot Sauce is BACK! 87th edition: Is EOS Ready for Regulations? 🌶

This week we also introduce my latest project which I'm super excited about, [dotGems](https://eosnation.io/eos-hot-sauce-87/#2)! Also this week: ✅ Regulations and Implications for EOS ✅ dotGems EOSIO NFT Publishing HOUSE ✅ Effect Pieces ✅ Upland and Blockchain Heroes ✅ EOSX Goes Mobile, Emanate & Outlier Ventures Read the EOS Hot Sauce: [https://eosnation.io/eos-hot-sauce-87](https://eosnation.io/eos-hot-sauce-87?fbclid=IwAR3dBhqTcoe9hXF1w5uin6vP6tbG7J9joKbiIpPlgrzYAeUWycr4HGrmWd4) Share it on Twitter! [https://twitter.com/EOS\_Nation/status/1347676240283639809](https://twitter.com/EOS_Nation/status/1347676240283639809?fbclid=IwAR2MzJKxB9Ix9HD4UK4E5X0emERkz2Js2JLeV0Dg3vntCKdwRCgRuWz5cfU)
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