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The endless battle for EOS has begun. How does EOS Force deal with it?

Bloch’s exclusive Interview to EOS Force The endless battle for EOS has begun.How do EOS Force deal with it? EOS mainnet launching will respect the community’s willingness.Token holdees deserve dividens.1EOS=30 votes should be modified **Bloch Tech :** *The EOS Force community announced on May 25, 2018 that it will launch the EOS mainnet and is called by the community users as EOS’s Good people. Then there were some BP candidates who announced that they would also launch the EOS mainnet. Who will launch the EOS mainnet remains in turmoil. One month ago, the battle for the BP candidates had been left behind.* >*EOS Force is a blockchain community that focuses on the EOS ecosystem.It is also a team that focuses on POS public chain research and development,with a research in\-dept research and understanding on EOS code.* ### 1.We notice that there have been other teams launching the mainnet recently.So what the EOS mainnet really is? The mainstream communities give an explanation: EOSIO 1.0\-based distributed network that accepts EOS token distribution. BM has been advocated the Austrian school of economics and encouraged code modification,including inflation ratio modification, the number of nodes, dividends, and block produce time. If a chain accepts the balance list of the snapshot at 05:59:59 on June 3,2018\(Beijing time \), takes use of the DPOS\+BFT consensus algorithm to start the main network, and is verified to be stable and secure,it will be recognized as mainnet. But lot of nodes launch the mainnetwork temporarily for the sake of following hits. We think it is unsafe and irresponsible. Of course, the mainnet without technical support will eventually fail. ### 2.How do you think about the alliance proposing “one main network” initiated by the community recently? Alliance?There have already been certain nodes in the consensus list contacting us privately. They were simply “ethically abducted.” The node league has actually been fragmented, and at least three factions in the consensus list that we know have privately forked the mainnet. First of all, I want to point out that it is not community consensus. That is BP candidates were selected by the third\-party community EOSGO. The candidates are waiting for the token holders to voting for them, which doesn’t mean they can represent the community. The league aims to “validate a safe chain.” We have no idea whether the consensus nodes will just launch one new mainnet, because they’ve declared to supporte only one chain. If the chain we launch can run stably and safe enough with great support by community users, it’s allowed that they come to verify us. After we announced the launch of the EOS mainnet, many nodes have also claimed that they want to start the mainnet,too. We feel that starting the mainnet is not a child’s house. There are many nodes that can’t even work on the node itself. The code of one starts the main net, which is very irresponsible and very insecure. ### 3.Will the Force revise the constitution? This is what everyone most concernes about. We definitely will revise it, BM himself doing so every day. ### 4.Which parts of the constitution will you revise? We believe that the holders deserve dividend, and the logic of one token thirty votes is irrational. We will ask community for advice to amend these obviously problematic constitution. Let’s talk about dividends first: We will directly open access for the super nodes to pay dividends to users. EOSIO awards 1% per year to super nodes, but it is forbidden to pay dividends to token holders,which results in low voting willingness of private users and low voting rate of the chain.Several large holders may join together to manipulate the voting process,influence elections,and launch fork attacks.Thus the security of the entire chain can not be guaranteed. As for voting issue,we will change to one token one vote .EOSIO sets the rules of one token 30 votes, requiring users to mortgage a certain amount of tokens, such as 1000 EOS, to get the voting right. 1 EOS can vote for up to 30 nodes. It will cause the Bribery Election, in which super nodes form alliances to vote for each other. Once 21 nodes form a league, other nodes will be excluded, and the network will be controlled by the league, which is against the characteristic of decentralization. Apart from that , users cannot cast different votes to nodes according to their trust degree\(One cannot cast more than 1 vote for a node\). ### 5.I’ve heard that the EOS Force team had prepared for the EOS mainnet launching for more than six months? At that time, What are the reasons for doing this? Yes, we’ve got preparation for the mainnet for more than half a year. We all know that Block.One company just develops EOS open\-source software\(EOSIO\),they will not launch the chain. If doing so, Block One official will face SEC \(United States Securities and Exchange Commission\) sanctions. So BM has always said it’s necessary to find a good person to start. Six months ago, we discovered that it has’nt even been done by anyone. Many people thought that once BM and the team releasing the software,the mainnet will automatically be launched. And we think that EOS, an epoch\-making public chain, deserves well preparation for its launching , so we have paid a lot of effort reseaching its code and done a lot of testing. Many developers, security teams, exchanges and candidates have communicated with us about the EOS code developing progress and system security issues. ### 6.What is the EOS Force’s plan to launch the mainnet and could it be started on June 3 as scheduled? We will start the first global EOS mainnet public test on June 3 and invite users, developers, BP candidates, wallets, exchanges to participate it.Of course all users concerning the EOS mainnet security are welcome to participate in the open test of EOS mainnet. ### 7.Wasn’t there a lot of EOS test networks doing it before, so what’s the difference? The EOS code has actually come out for a long time, but in the previous network test,users was in absence. Mortgage voting did not be rehearsed, and it was lack of custom contract.There is no complete long\-term open public test. If someone just copy Block.one’s code to run without user participation, it doesn’t mean that they can successfully launch and maintain a main chain ? To release brand\-new Internet product, classical Internet companies have to test it closely and privately for several months. The blockchain project has higher security assurance and need to be tested more rigorously. Because each transaction record on the network is directly linked to money, once it begins it cannot stop. If a bug causes the chain to stop running, the value of this chain will become zeroed.If this chain become zeroed, who is responsible for it handling it, is the team that starts the main network still Block one? ### 8.What do you think about 360 Security found critical bug of EOS? The founder of 3 0'clock(a blockchain community) said that EOS is an MLM currency. How do you see this? The EOS community has always looks like MLM. Every time a bug emerges, it is the KOLs who deal with the query.It is not fortunate being found vulnerabilitie by a classical Internet company before mainnet launching, isn’t it? The EOS mainnet code has been researched and deployed for more than half a year. In fact, the bugs have continuously been discovered and the fixing job has been on going. It is nothing unnatural for a blockchain system that has never been public tested to have bugs . However, the 360’s discovery can not be regarded as so epic, just for hype.Those nodes,like Oracle chain, Eos Canon, Hello EOS, IMEOS, make much contribution to the community did not show off waht they had done. We will be more rigorous. In early June, EOS Force will conduct a large\-scale public test to ensure its safety and stablity. Furthermore, public chain features blockchain 3.0,such as ADA and Difinity,have no intergenerational advantages over EOS. Everyone has its own strengths. EOS community is the most active one among the third generation of public chain communities. ### What else do you want to say? **MAY the force be with EOS**
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