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The endless battle for EOS has begun. How does EOS Force deal with it?

Bloch’s exclusive Interview to EOS Force The endless battle for EOS has begun.How do EOS Force deal with it? EOS mainnet launching will respect the community’s willingness.Token holdees deserve dividens.1EOS=30 votes should be modified **Bloch Tech :** *The EOS Force community announced on May 25, 2018 that it will launch the EOS mainnet and is called by the community users as EOS’s Good people. Then there were some BP candidates who announced that they would also launch the EOS mainnet. Who will launch the EOS mainnet remains in turmoil. One month ago, the battle for the BP candidates had been left behind.* >*EOS Force is a blockchain community that focuses on the EOS ecosystem.It is also a team that focuses on POS public chain research and development,with a research in\-dept research and understanding on EOS code.* ### 1.We notice that there have been other teams launching the mainnet recently.So what the EOS mainnet really is? The mainstream communities give an explanation: EOSIO 1.0\-based distributed network that accepts EOS token distribution. BM has been advocated the Austrian school of economics and encouraged code modification,including inflation ratio modification, the number of nodes, dividends, and block produce time. If a chain accepts the balance list of the snapshot at 05:59:59 on June 3,2018\(Beijing time \), takes use of the DPOS\+BFT consensus algorithm to start the main network, and is verified to be stable and secure,it will be recognized as mainnet. But lot of nodes launch the mainnetwork temporarily for the sake of following hits. We think it is unsafe and irresponsible. Of course, the mainnet without technical support will eventually fail. ### 2.How do you think about the alliance proposing “one main network” initiated by the community recently? Alliance?There have already been certain nodes in the consensus list contacting us privately. They were simply “ethically abducted.” The node league has actually been fragmented, and at leas...
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