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Summary of current ongoing developments, forking out, hard fork Mandel 3.0, news around EOS, Roadmap 2022, Real World Use Cases and a how to start with EOS section

Before posting your question, please refer to the new [r/EOS]( sidebar and go through the FAQ (pinned message). It may have what you are looking for! **ATTENTION THERE ARE SCAMMERS, TRYING TO STEAL YOUR TOKENS WHEN YOU NEED HELP!!!** As soon you write here in Reddit for help or in public telegram or other social media channels, there are scammers waiting for you to steal your tokens. They will direct message (chat) you and say they are the admins, moderators or supporters. The profile looks sometimes exactly the same as the profile from an admin, but it's not an admin. It's a scammer! The EOS admins, moderators or supporters from any subreddit or channel will NEVER EVER direct message or private chat with you! If you get a direct message, please block the user immediately and report them as scammers! Thanks! If you need help, ALWAYS and ONLY ask []( (Direct chat with our trusted EOS Community members in a safe environment available on the website. Click the blue icon on the bottom right corner of the website). ​ ​ # BREAKING: The EOS Community stopped paying []( to develop the EOSIO software and plan to fork away from EOSIO to their own codebase Mandel 3.0. Why? Watch here the explanation from Yves La Rose from the EOS Network Foundation: []( Read more about the Roadmap to Mandel 3.0 written and lead **by Daniel Larimer** (and the Clarion team) 20. of December 2021: []( Read more about the Roadmap EOS Network Foundation and Working groups Core+, Wallet+, API+, Audit+, EVM+, etc. here: [](
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