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Staking Bonuses for TRYBE holders

Do you have any liquid TRYBE tokens that you have purchased on exchanges?

You can now stake them for either 90 or 180 days in our wallet and earn a STAKING BONUS.

For 90 days you earn a 10% bonus, and for 180 days you earn a 25% bonus!  These bonuses will be paid at the end of the period.

Also, we have removed the 20 day staking requirement for airdrop bonuses.  You can now stake your tokens any time before the snapshot and they will be counted towards your airdrop allocation!

Visit our wallet here to stake you tokens now: https://live.wallet.trybe.one/#/staking

Also – in the next few weeks we will be finally releasing our off-chain to on-chain transfers, so if you have tokens on our site you can also earn bonuses from those by staking them when the time comes.

Thanks again for being part of Trybe!


Go to trybe.one
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