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Simplyreg: or how can you SAVE YOUR UNREGISTERED EOS

Hello Friends!

I made a post about simplEOS wallet in August which made by one of BP EOS Rio. During last few month they made some update on their wallet and their website too.They are very active and very helpful team.

Nowdays they made a huge announcement which is I think another great service for many-many people who have unregistered EOS. I think our mission is we need spread this chance between those who need it and want to join EOS mainnet and want to save their tokens.

Maybe somebody heard about that fact there are approximately 20k eos account which contain around 3,3 million EOS which have not registered on mainnet correctly. Actually these tokens have frozen on their Ethereum address like ERC-20 EOS tokens.

Luckily there are many BPs who have known about it and they could find a way (Simplyreg) how can they solve this problem. 

Name of the process is Simplyreg and you can access here: https://eosrio.io/simplyreg

You can find a detailed description about steps here: https://steemit.com/eos/@eosrio/simplyreg-saving-the-unregistered-eos-accounts

If you want to be well prepared to registration, please check steemit link above, there you will find a complete step by step guide which created by EOS Rio.

I hope we can forward this message for those who really need it. Please, share this information on many platform as you can, do not let we lost 3,3 million EOS!

Thank you!

Go to trybe.one
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