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Sending EOS back to Ledger after token swap?

I'm not sure if this sounds like a bit of a noobish question or not, but I'm going to ask it anyway for curiosity's sake. I kept my EOS Erc-20 tokens on MEW using my Ledger Nano. Ive recently sent them to Binance where I originally bought them in preparation for the token swap taking place in a few weeks time. (Binance supporting the swap) The reason i sent my tokens to the exchange being that I'm not that tech savvy and didn't want to make a mess of trying to register my EOS tokens and ETH wallet. I'm letting Binance do the work for me. Once the token swap takes place and my EOS coins have been swapped, am i right or wrong to asssume i am unable to send them back to my MEW wallet/ Ledger Nano as they are no longer ERC 20 tokens and won't be supported? Apologies if this is a stupid question!
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