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Scatter 11 - Public testing phase · GetScatter/ScatterDesktop

This is a testing release. Do not use it if you aren't part of the testing group.

Make sure you have a backup before upgrading! Changes SHA256 Checksums MacOS: 60933a63d8a2d8053f92e753457a43770a24188bcf15f884c5ec3cb7b9adc388 Windows: b58c85766fe6c38d5bc205831d64c80be1ed5a8ffc718692b98e7a0e3248c01f Linux: 0b01eb0b63874cd84420bfd262d1f6498aa0bf9c9b87fb90bfc5ca40debea839

Checking checksums

MacOS, Linux, or Windows with gitbash: shasum -a 256 <filename> Windows with cmd certutil -hashfile <filename> SHA256
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