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Running GreyMass on bootable USB stick

I've got a MacBook but would like to run GreyMass in a clean environment. I thought of [using a Chromebook](https://www.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/8wukpt/whats_the_best_eos_wallet_that_can_run_on_a/) that I also have, but it seems Scatter is the only option - I still prefer GreyMass. Has anyone tried running GreyMass on some kind of Linux OS from a bootable USB stick? Any recommendations?
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Update To pixEOS Staking Bonus System

Today the extra 20 million pixEOS tokens allocated to the staking bonus will end. Originally these tokens were distributed as an extra bonus to pixEOS paint stakers; our way of saying thank you to eve...
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Why I Join the EOS Community Part 16?

More than 6 months ago, my wife (Nova) and I (Edwin) arrived at the EOS Community and we had been with the Trybe Community as its Referral Member #45 https://trybe.one/why-i-joined-the-eos-community/ ...
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  OpenBRM -  Monthly Reward Drop 

BRM Foundation is rewarding BRM token holders for supporting the project. BRM reward drop will run for 6 months starting from march 1st. There are 2 types of rewards for users.  Staking rewards for st...
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Why I Join the EOS Community Part 15?

Since the day when I started Trybe from “Why I Join the EOS Community Part 1”, I shared my experiences from the days of the I left and packed from the Eth and Neo Communities, and till now, I have arr...
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NO POVERTY Imagine waking up one day to here of the death of poverty in our world, how will you feel? According to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there should be no poverty by 2030 and I ke...
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Voting for a BP using cleos

UDEMY COURSE URL: https://www.udemy.com/learning-blockchain-development-with-eos-and-cpp/?couponCode=EOSIO_BLOCKCHAIN
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Announcing The pixEOS Paint Beta Launch!

The wait is finally over; pixEOS is proud to announce the official launch of the pixEOS paint game! Go to https://paint.pixeos.art/#/ to play now! On the collaborative digital canvas of pixEOS paint t...
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Let's discuss the WORBLI resource economy!

While we are all waiting for Rex to enter the stage on EOS mainnet, the guys at Worbli recently published a resources economy document, which is to define how Worbli tokens, which like EOS, represent ...