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Rules and strategy for the Captain Black Bill game

Captain Black Bill is a treasure hunting game in the real world where the goal is to find the lost diamond hidden in one of the treasures.

The game is continuously played but will reset and start a new lap every time the lost diamond is found and robbed by a user entering the treasure’s secret code.

There are two, or sometimes three winners from each lap.

The person who found and entered the treasure’s correct secret code. The person who made the treasure where the diamond was found. The current conqueror of the treasure where the diamond was found (if the treasure was conquered by someone). Different roles in the game

A player can have one or several roles in the game depending on how they play and are most interested in.

The treasure hunter: Always adventurous and continuously hunting for new exciting treasures and challenges to solve. Dreaming of hitting it big finding the lost diamond one lucky day, but usually spend more money travelling and gets mostly just a lot of fun in return. The treasure maker: Hard working and likes to explore new territories where no one has been before. Loves to challenge and inspire others to get outdoors and visit beautiful locations. Appreciate the small income that treasure making brings back. The treasure conqueror: A strategist that knows by statistics that the lost diamond is most likely to be found in great treasures made by the best treasure makers with the best credibility. And who conquer and perfect those treasures even more to attract other players and to share the winner reward with the treasure maker. The hiker: Not all that interested in the actual treasure hunting thing. But loves being outdoors and appreciates a goal or inspiration for new locations to visit. The investor: Buys shares of ownership in the lost diamond to benefit from the 25% provision the lost diamond owners gets during a game lap. The investor is always calculating the number of treasures available to find the pro...
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