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Reddit Coin

We need a Reddit tipjar \(Reddit\-coin\) that we can tip people for their awesome posts. EOS is the perfect platform for this because of the high TPS. Thoughts on this?
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EOS Blockchain Wins Important Deal With Spacebit

Spacebit, a space block chain program is only launched by astronauts, consultants, rocket scientists and contractors, has just negotiated an agreement with the blockchain EOS. The goal of the project ...
EOS -0.62% · theccpress.com · 3h

DappRadder Decides on Excluding Bots From Statistics

DappRadar announced that it would take action to remove bots from its statistics. The website analyzes the traffic and transaction volumes of more than 1,000 distributed applications on EOS and Ethere...
EOS -0.62% · trybe.one · 8h

EOS CPU usage : Important considerations

Let’s face it : after the RAM crisis, EOS is facing a CPU crisis. I am covering this significant topic in depth, and trying to find a solution. Matter You may be aware of it already, but the bulk of t...
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Opportunity to join a great investment in 2018

A Quick ReminderIf you want to join the great EOSISH airdrop it's not too late, you need to withdraw your tokens to your wallet now - as it may take 4 hours-, the snapshot will be after 5 hours from n...
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Chaince Strategic Development Roadmap

Dear Chaince users: The strategic development roadmap is the planning of the future strategy based on the current actual development of the Chaince platform. We will announce the strategic plan for Ch...
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Just the Facts (EOS Proxy by eosratings.com)

I thought it would be awesome to create a proxy that wasn't influenced by anyone. Just use the public data that is available to the entire EOS community. Things like BP validation provided by AlohaEOS...
EOS -0.62% · trybe.one · 13h

Help us decide our WORBLI Content Contest Winners!

        Well Tryber’s, another amazing Trybe competition has quickly come to and end.  The Worbli Trybe content competition was a resounding success proving that not only are people excited about Worb...
EOS -0.62% · blockmanity.com · 13h

EOS gambling dApp EOSBets hacked again, $338k Stolen

Hackers are at it again. After last month’s hack on EOS for $200k, it’s reported that an additional $338k in EOS tokens has been stolen from EOS gambling dApp EOSBet. EOSBet despite advertising itsel...
EOS -0.62% · trybe.one · 13h

The Implications of A.I.

Most of you will already know that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now the next technological advance that the human race is heading to, but I often wonder if it will also be the last invention human ...