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Recovering old EOS

Hey, sorry for being completely out of the loop and I'm sure this question's been asked hundreds of times before, but I'm super confused and the money I originally put in means a lot to me. I bought 100 EOS in January 2018. Due to life circumstances I haven't been able to keep up to date with the community. I've recently logged back into MyEtherWallet and see the balance. If I put my public key into etherscan, it also shows the balance. I'm of the understanding that there was a switch, and that these coins are now worthless? Is that true? I spent quite a bit on them at the time and find it a bit hard to belive that they would basically get destroyed and be worthless, and not transfer over? Is that the case? Is that 100 EOS balance in MEW useless? Is there any way I can recover that money, as it would be super helpful!
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