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Pleasantly surprised by EOS distribution

Did a sanity check using EOSNY's tool, and found that there are (thankfully) 1.007 billion tokens, when subtracting the eosio.stake account. The top 25 holders had approximately 50% of the share. It's not an ideal power-law distribution, but I think good things take time. As a reference, https://etherscan.io/token/tokenholderchart/0x86fa049857e0209aa7d9e616f7eb3b3b78ecfdb0 shows that only 10 holders made up the top 50% at launch. Here are the top 5 current holders: b1 (10%) bitfinex (7.6% across about 20 different cold wallets) bithumb (5.4%) gi3tiojtguge (4.5% - whale who is coincidentally unstaking) gyzdamztg4ge - (4.2% - whale)
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