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Pixeos Gallery updates: limited editions and sign-in process.

The [Pixeos Gallery](https://gallery.pixeos.art) has just been updated with **multiple edition NFTs** minting functionality. The **sign-in process** has been streamlined with clear distinction for blockchain/crypto users and non-crypto users. ​ ![gif](wip04b80t2i61 "EOS blockchain wallet users: Those users who have their wallets connected to the gallery account click the ‘Wallet Sign-In’ option and then login by choosing the blockchain wallet of preference.") ​ ![gif](5zw1myy2t2i61 "I don’t have a blockchain wallet / noncrypto users: You do not need a blockchain wallet to buy and sell art in the Pixeos Gallery. Simply use your email and password to log in. You can top up your account with your credit card using the ‘Deposit’ button in the menu") Stay tuned for further announcements to come on the [Pixeos](https://pixeos.io) ecosystem!😌
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