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Pixel Master is dead. – The EOS Writer – Medium

Pixel Master is dead.

Or is it?…

To learn more about Pixel Master and all the events which have brought us to this point you can read my original article here and the follow up articles here & here.

It’s been a wild ride on the Pixel Master train. We’ve seen everything from an initial pump of 150k EOS in just 5 days to a clone stopping us dead in our tracks, Dan Larimer brain storming new ideas for the game and the community then coming together to influence the developers to implement Dan’s idea. But is all this excitement about to come to an end?

It could be…

After the PM developers partially implemented Dan’s idea (read about his idea here) the game has been resuscitated and brought back to life.

The developers had been extremely cautious to begin with setting the pot target to a conservative 0.1%. But even at 0.1% it’s been a heart wrenching, anxiety forming emotional rollercoaster watching the game play out and reach the required pot target time and time again. The last 24hr period came down to the final 2 minutes with certain players on the edge of their seats looking at possible 5K EOS returns!

So with the game reaching the 0.1% pot target consistently over the past 5 days its starting to gain some new users and much needed volume. The developers have been quietly watching over the progress and waiting for the confidence to return before they raise the % rate and it seems that the judgement day for PM has come.

The PM developers today made an announcement…

As if the excitement and pressure wasn’t enough at 0.1% now we are going to be aiming for 0.5% (Dan’s original suggestion minus the moving average)

This will either be the end of the original PM canvas and quite possibly PM in it’s entirety or the start of a new chapter for the game that launches us to the moon!

To make it even more interesting theres a clash of interests among the players of the game. Some wanting PM to go on f...

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