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ONO Social International App is now in the Google Play store!! It is a Beta test anyone interested in joining?

Use the invitation code M6YT after downloading to join and receive 500 ONOT. The tokens will be transferable to the ONO mainnet after it launches (in addition to the 1:1 EOS/ONOT genesis accounts will receive). There is some KYC required to create an account, but it is similar to what you would expect with telegram or twitter. The app itself is in its infancy, but is pretty damn good for only being released a week ago. Join the "ONO English" Telegram channel to learn more and the "ONO Tech Support" Telegram to report bugs, offer suggestions, and help developers build the app. Here it is the link to the google play store app (android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nome.ono *The ONO International iOS app is not in the Apple store yet, but can be downloaded using an "off-Apple store" link. Search pinned message in telegram channels given above to download iOS version.
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The PixEOS Platform is Much More Than A Game

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How to make a video and get 100 EOS?

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