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Newb questions about system resources.

If we are only using 1% of the system capacity why is it so expensive for devs to create accounts? Why can't we use the worker proposal fund for free accounts and to facilitate airdrops etc....? If an app developer wanted to make a game app that is not 100% blockchain but has a blockchain component could it have like.... A coin distribution that reconciles every 6 hours or whatever to reduce on chain transactions by batching reconciliation? For example if star wars game wanted to reward players with a Jedi coin, or force coin and have only a reconciliation on chain a few times per day?
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EOS Price Rekt Due to Petty Lies And FUD

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EOS to solve CPU issues very soon

As some of you might of noticed EOS has a huge CPU problem. If you games alot be it gambling or EOS Knights you will very quickly encounter CPU problems with any account with less then 100 EOS. I beli...
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EOSJacks. Roll to Mine, Mine to Rule

EOSJacks, DICE, AUCTION, JACKPOT. Roll to Mine, Mine to Rule. The Innovative Decentralized Gaming Platform, an Autonomous Ecosystem and Community. 骰子,拍卖,奖池。 挖矿自治。創新的分佈式遊戲平台,EOS首個自治生態系統和社區。
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EOS Best Practice - Recovery Key

KEEP YOUR PRIVATE KEYS SECURE is one of the first things you hear when entering the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. There are multiple ways to do it and everyone has their opinion on which i...