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new favorite eosio chain, UX Network AMA, very interesting read 🥳

With Guillaume Babin-Tremblay, From 0rigin.one and EOS Titan The AMA

On Thursday, October 15th, we were honored to host an AMA with Guillaume Babin-Tremblay who is one of the launch members of UX Network and a Co-Founder of 0rigin.one and EOS Titan.

The following conversation resulted and it was fascinating to see what this team is bringing to the blockchain space.

Product Architects

UX Network was designed and built by 0rigin Ventures — a next-generation venture capital business built for the Digital Asset Class.

The team has a deep and broad knowledge of system architecture, software development, and Distributed Ledger Technologies as well as a strong background in financial and capital markets.

The launch team included 01 Capital, a team of seasoned Financial Market and FinTech investment bankers specializing in blockchain-based businesses and decentralized networks that remain an active stakeholder in the Network.

About UX Network

UX Network (https://uxnetwork.io/) is a public blockchain offering substantial enhancements to the EOSIO operating system and codebase. These enhancements bring a native compliance architecture, a stable resource model, and a suite of features that are essential for a thriving economic ecosystem.

The bifurcation of on-chain resources from token ownership allows true price discovery of utility, rational network resource allocation, and a low friction experience for dApps to operate on the UX Network — especially those that have no desire to hold crypto-assets.

A series of compliance tools and protocols are being built on the UX Network that are designed to support Fintech enterprise and Financial Institutions. The creation of a digital portable identity for users brings a cost-effective and flexible solution to meet the regulatory requirements of Virtual Asset Service Providers today.

The goal of the UX Network is to provide a stable foundation for Fintech platforms loo...

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