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misc rewards from EOS MAINNET WALLET? how to find said wallet

i have a few coins showing up in zenledger. They say they were all misc_rewards from EOS MAINNET Wallet. I don't know if this is real or not. I have a little EOS in an Atomic Wallet which i sent there on 9-2-19. Starting around 8-28-20 in Zenledger i'm seeing a bunch of .0001 EOS misc_rewards. Those i actually see in Atomic. When i open them up it seems want to lead you to get-eos.com, which i'm identifying as a scam. I also in Zenledger see misc_rewards for VOICE, VCE, MESSAGE, VOI, VIE, & INVITE. No idea where Zenledger is pulling those misc_rewards from. They are not in Atomic. Any ideas? Main reason i ask is it's trying to tell me the VOICE is worth 5 figures. (that'd be helpful) appreciate any help. thank you.
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