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Anyone know if this is true? "75% of EOS transactions were made by bots"

¾ of EOS transactions were made by bots

According to the AnChain.AI report, about 75% of EOS transactions we made by bots.

AnChain.AI is a blockchain startup that uses machine learning and AI to investigate blockchain data. One of these analyses showed that the lion’s share of EOS Dapps transactions were made by bots. What is more, AnChainAI found out that almost half of EOS accounts were created by real users.

Just for the record, same as the most Dapps, EOS Dapps suffers from a few users, and it’s so much for the EOS ecosystem. DappRadar data shows that EOS Dapps have about 1500 users in 24 hours. That information should not catch us unaware. The thing is that EOS transactions have no fees, and this is a fat land for spammers making hundreds of transactions every day.

What is the main purpose for spammers of making fake transactions? Firstly, a Dapp users need extra transactions to achieve high-level results in games. Making such number of transactions manually is almost impossible thus spammers use bots.

What is more, Dapps itself could use bots to become top banana in ratings, thereby attracting new users. Some of the Daps with lots of daily transactions have just a few users. However, such metrics as users activity shows the real success of a Dapp.

Dapps industry keeps developing and needs a lot of time to make it a clockwork. Bots activity is an egg on Dapps face. Either way, this analysis showed that data from Dapp rating websites are not accurate.

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