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Are Language Barriers and Cultural differences holding back EOS from reaching its full Potential?

LiquidEOS Presents: Project EOS Bridge

One of the most exciting outcomes of the Internet has been the birth of borderless global communities, connecting around common ideas across nations and regions. Today, with the emergence of blockchain technology, we are beginning to see the evolution of these global communities into global economies, not only unified around ideas and information but by common, borderless currencies and the applications they power. While we are just at the beginning of this transformation, its potential impact is already astounding.

However, this progress does not come without challenges. Language and cultural barriers continue to act as roadblocks to truly globalized communities. In the EOS ecosystem we are witnessing one of the clearest examples between Western and Eastern Block Producers (BPs) as we remain divided by different languages, business cultures and preferences or access to various communication platforms, among others. Both sides have limited access to information about what progress the other is making on dApps, technical innovation, infrastructure contribution, community engagement or other fronts. LiquidEOS has been observing these widening perception gaps and is committed to helping bridge this divide in order to help create a more informed and unified global EOS community — for the benefit of all.

We are proud to announce Project EOS Bridge. Our goal is to work alongside BPs and community members in both the East and the West to gather relevant information about recent developments in local communities and to better understand the dynamics in which various BPs operate. We will be synthesizing this information into a bi-weekly update to help inform all global EOS communities about trending topics, and engage those who are interested in cross-border feedback. Naturally, we will aim to provide translations in as many languages as possible, to facilitate ease of communication between parties. We believe that t...

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