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Just found out about EOS

From the sentiment I've noticed scrolling through here morale seems low , I'm sure alot of you here have been holding for years now and I think your wait may be coming to an end. Im assuming the bullish exchange is common knowledge here ? Backed by Peter thiel and such . When this exchange launches it will have crypto to fiat swaps for FREE . That's massive as we all know all stable coins will be obsolete. The sheer amount of volume going , through exchange, on the EOSIO from retail let alone when the big boys come , because now they've got a nice squeaky clean , sleek exchange, nice interface and zero fees . Another thing I'd like to mention is palantir buying $50 dollars of gold recently in preparation for a black Swan event . I think Peter thiel may intend to use that gold to create digital gold on the bullish exchange, now I know $50 mill isn't alot in the grand scheme of things but it is if they get the go ahead to use a fractional reserve style approach . If digitised gold hits bullish , the bullish exchange and thereby the EOS network could snag a piece of golds marketcap which sits at like 10T ?
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