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Interview with Jacques Whales about Discussions.app

I have recently had the opportunity to chat with Jacques Whales aka @Bluabaleno, Head of Product development at Novusphere, who is behind the newly launched discussions.app, a reddit style discussion forum on the EOS chain. We had an indepth talk about their native EOS token ATMOS and their future plans for the platform and the token.

Concept: Let’s start with the hard facts, what about token supply, token circulation and market cap?

Jacques: There is a total token supply of 100 Mio Atmos, of which 90 Mio are in circulation, current token price is at 0.0059$

Concept: Not bad for EOS based token, did you have an airdrop?

Jacques: The projects started its life on another chain, it’s native chain. After we held a vote, the decision was made to switch over, and to start, building on EOS. So when we got started on EOS, we did not conduct an airdrop.

That said, we will be conducting an airgrab that allows users logging in for the very first time to get 10 ATMOS dropped into their account.

Then, for every day they log in until the end of February, they’ll get additional 1 ATMOS per day. To qualify, you just need to sign-in with your EOS account.

We’ll also be dropping to our selected partner’s token holders, so that’ll be EOS Cafe and pixEOS, who has been tremendously supportive of our project. The details of that drop will be announced later in the week.

Concept: Apparently there is a lot still up to come. The drop model is certainly incentivising. So how much of the total supply is in circulation, and how much of it is held by Novusphere?

Jacques: Not all are in circulation, even though we been conducting the swap from the old chain to the new one for almost a year now, there is still around 49% of the token that is on the old chain.

Novusphere currently hold about 9 Million, or about 9% of all the tokens.

Concept: I’ve seen ATMOS is listed on Dexeos, any other Dexes or Exchanges you are listed o...

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